Generation Annihilation Playlist February 18th 2012.

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Control – Punk Rock Ruined My Life LP Thrown To The Wolves (Longshot)
Control – Punk Rock Ruined My Life LP Punk Rock Ruined My Life (Longshot)

Discharge – Why 12″ Maimed And Slaughtered (Clay)
The Varukers – One Struggle One Fight LP Stop The Killing (Captain Oi!)
Mau Maus – Pax Collection CD No Concern (Anagram)
Anti-System – A Look At Life LP The Tables Must Turn (Anti-Society)
Riot Squad – Still Our Future Your Messing Up LP Building Barricades (Vile)

The Partisans – We Are The Partisans LP, I Don’t Give A Fuck (Get Back)
The Varukers – Still Our Future Your Messing Up LP Where Next? (Vile)
One Way System – The Punk Collection CD No Return (Anagram)
Lowlife UK – Punk N Pissed CD You Call It Punk Rock (Unrepentant)
Dogsflesh – Punk N Proud CD Challenge And Protest (Unrepentant)
Uproar – Beat The System CD Die For Me (Anagram)

Arctic Flowers – Reveries LP Double Edged (Inimical)
1981 – Terminal Decay LP Nightmare/Reality (Artcore)
Rebel Spell – Terminal Decay LP No Thanks (Artcore)
Deathcharge – Love Was Born To An Early Death LP

The Furloughs – Terminal Decay LP Contemplation Camp (Artcore)
Bad Sam – Terminal Decay LP Black John Wayne (Artcore)

English Dogs – Forward Into Battle CD Wall Of Steel (Step 1)