Generation Annihilation Playlist February 1st 2014.

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Peter And The Test Tube Babies – Key To The City 12″ Keys To The City (HP)

Menace – The Punk Singles Collection CD Screwed Up (Captain Oi!)
Cockney Rejects – Flares And Slippers 7″ Police Car (Ugly Pop)
Slaughter – Now I Know (DJM )
The Spys – Windsor 1979 7″ Underground (Ugly Pop)

Hard Skin – We Are The Wankers 7″ We Are The Wankers (1234 Go)
Sydney Ducks – S/T 7″ Death Toll (Pirates Press)
Bishops Green – Under One Flag 7″ Gross And Net (Pirates Press)
Subway Thugs – Lost And Loud! 7″ Your Path (Longshot)
Emergency! – Media Control 7″ Media Control (Longshot)

Terokal -Life After War 7″ NN (Distort Reality)
Die – S/T 7″ Life Is Hate (Sonic Terror)
Mercy Killings – S/T 7″ Drone Death (Beach Impediment)
Kremlin – Last Last CS Abuse Asylum
Boston Strangler – Jokes On You CD Jokes On You
Peacebreakers – Everyday Battle CD Lowlife (Rock N Roll Disgrace)
Pure Mania – Ratas De Dos Patas CS Tus Ojos
Class Of 1984 – Split W/The Excessives 7″ Skaters Life (Bullitt)

SVBD – Mystic Sampler LP Your Friendly Local Police (Mystic)
Sin 34 – Mystic Sampler LP Not No Fun (Mystic)