Generation Annihilation Playlist February 22nd 2014.

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Random Killing – Kill Your Parents (Aardvark)
Sudden Impact – Freaked Out CS Cats Life

Angelic Upstarts – The Independent Punk Singles Collection CD Lust For Glory (Anagram)
Menace – Punk Singles Collection CD Last Years Youth (Captain Oi!)
External Menace – Pure Punk Rock CD On Mission (Captain Oi!)
UK Subs – Party In Paris 7″ Fall Of The Empire (Gem)
UK Subs – Countdown 7″ Plan Of Action (Nems)

Old Man Strength – S/T CD A Toast
Sludge – Coquitlam CD Have You Dies Yet? (Wall Of Shame)
Bl’ast – Blood! LP Look At Myself (Southern Lord)

AK 47 – Garden City CD Kick In The Face
Ajax – Bleach For Breakfast CS Security
The Instigation – No Way Out 7″ No Way Out
Deep Wound – I Saw It (Armageddon Shop)

No Time – S/T CD Repropbate
Bloody Hammer – Social Climber (Hardcore Victim)
Criminal Damage – Call Of Death CD Powers And Mistakes (Feral Ward)
Bishops Green – Under One Flag 7″ Night Terror (Pirates Press)

Elligy – Split W/Deathless Bastards 12″ At The Edge (Symphony Of Destruction)
Deathless Bastards – Split w/Elligy 12″ Tsunami Of Piss (Symphony Of Destruction)