Generation Annihilation Playlist February 23rd 2013

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Clyng Onz – Split w/Psycedelic Skeletons LP Lets Get Juvenile (Bullhead)
Guilt Parade – Coprophobia LP Ode To An Asshole (Fringe)

Negative Approach – S/T 7″ Can’t Tell No One (Touch And Go)
Bad Antics Where Did I Go Wrong?, Where Did I Go Wrong? (Whine Oh)
Car 87 – Trapped 7″ Shoot Up And Die (Self Released)
Snake Run – S/T 7″ Are You Still Here (Bedside)
Vacant State Fill The Void 12″ Nothing New (Deranged)
Necros – Early Days 7″ Police Brutality
Kremlin – No Hope For You

Cross Stitched Eyes – Decomposition LP Existence (Alternative Tentacles)
Killing Joke – MXII CD On Hallows Eve (Spine Farm)
Hellshock – Singles CD Bloodsuckers (HG Fact)
Arctic Flowers – Procession 12″ Strange Ports Of Call (AF)

Johnny Gerriwelt – Living With Class LPLiving With Class (Longshot)
Noi!se – Oi! This Is Streetpunk 11″ Coming Storm (Pirates Press)
Old Firm Casuals – Oi! This Is Streetpunk 11″ Bloodsucker (Pirates Press)
Bishops Green – Tumbling Down

Pissheads – Kill Hippie System 7″ Dark Corners (Rust And Machine)
Doom – S/T 12″ Open Mind Surgery (Black Cloud)
Famine – Disrupt Undead Tribute CD Eat Shit

Apewar – Witchfight CD Witchfight (Demo)