Generation Annihilation Playlist February 25th 2012.

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Pocket Caligula – Specially Priced Demonstration Model CD Put The Kettle On (Self Released)
Chixdiggit! – Safeways Here We Come CD Miso Ramen (Fat)

Total Chaos – Battered And Smashed CD Total Massacre (Stomp)
Total Bloody Chaos – Punk N Pissed CD Hypocrite (Unrepentant)
Control – Punk Rock Ruined My Life LP Another Mothers Son (Longshot)
Marching Orders – Days Gone By LP Criminal Class (Longshot)
GBH – City Baby Attacked By Rats LP City Baby Attacked By Rats (Clay)
Armitage Shanks – Never Mind The Ballocks LP, Skiddy Day (Vinyl Japan)

Johnny Geriwelt – Living With Class LP Rotting (Longshot)
Overpower – Hogtown Skins CD Turf (Self Released)
Bloodline – Razorstrike CD The Basement (Step 1)
The Lucky Ones – Heartbreak Hangovers And Punk Rock CD Punk Rock Til We Parted (Stumble)

Liquor Kings – 100 Proof Rock N Roll CD Kickin’ The Shit Out Of Love (Self Released)
Maximum RNR – The Black And White Years CD Lucky Charm (Self Released)
The Authorities – Kung Pao Au Go-Go LP Run N Hide (Get Hip)
The Diodes – Action/Reaction CD Catwalker (Bongo Beat)

The Prenods – S/T CD Puny Humans (Demo)
The Sounds Of Hearts – Arming Rebellion 12″ Backing To Battle (Feral Ward)
Brain Slug – Distort New York 7″ Crunch Time (Hardware)
Unlearn – S/T 12″ Compliance (Deranged)

Bathory – S/T LP The Reaper (Black Mark)