Generation Annihilation Playlist February 9th 2013.

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Effigy – Grinding Metal Massacre 7″ From Hell

Age – The Scar Of Lead LP The Exit Is There
Sacrilege – Behind The Realms Of Madness LP A Violation Of Something Sacred
Black Uniforms – Splatter Punks An Acid LP Computer World
The Execute – Hardcore Temptation 7″ Black Water
Appendix – S/T 7″ Huoro

The Sexual – Split w/Anti Septic LP Warcry
Deathside – All Is Here Now 7″ All Is Hear Now
Warcry – Maniacs On Pedestals LP Under The Thumb
Life Chain – S/T CS Mind Pollution

Rapid Loss
Famine – First World Problems CS First World Problems
Asile – Kichesippi Toxique LP Choisir De Mourir
Proxy – S/T CS Police Car

Mob 47 – S/T 7″ Rustning Ar Ett Bott
Discharge – Fight Back 7″ You Take Part In Creating This System/Religion Instigates
The Exploited – Troops Of Tomorrow LP Alternative
Disorder – The Singles 12″ Complete Disorder
Blitz – All Out Attack LP Criminal Damage
Antisect – In Darkness There Is No Choice LP yet they still ignore
Stiff Little Fingers – Inflammable Material LP Suspect Device

Negative Approach – S/T 7″ Ready To Fight