Generation Annihilation Playlist January 11th 2014.

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Subculture – The Oi! Collection CD Stick Together (Captain Oi!)
The Samples – The Oi! Collection CD Nobody Cares (Captain Oi!)

Doom – Corrupt Fucking System LP Eat Shit And Buy (Black Cloud)
Sanctum – Enslaved 7″ Enslaved (Barrage Of Salt)
Occult SS – Teeth In The Dark 7″ Sleep Alone (Rust And Machine)
Nightfall – Fear LP Damage Drunkard
Pissheads – Kill Hippy System 7″ Kill Hippy System (Rust And Machine)

Class Of 1984 – Split w/Class Of 1984 7″ Torment Me (Bullitt)
Descendents – Milo Goes To College CD Myage (SST)
The Vandals – Peace Through Vandalism 12″ Anarchy Burger (Epitaph)
The Excessives – Split with Class Of 1984 7″ Straight Up (Bullitt)

The Plasmatics – Butcher Baby 7″ Butcher Baby (Stiff)
The Effigies – Remains CD Strongbox (Touch And Go)
Negative Approach – S/T 7″ Cant Tell No One (Touch And Go)
Fang – Landshark CD Skinheads Smoke Dope (Boner)

The Enigmas – S/T 12″ Roll With Punches (Mystery)
The Enigmas – Monsters In The Basement (Zulu)
Shanghai Dog – This Evolution LP Try (Collectors RPM)
The Subhumans – No Wishes No Prayers LP No Wishes No Prayers (SST)

DOA – Welcome To Chinatown CD DOA (Sudden Death)