Generation Annihilation Playlist January 12th 2013

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DOA – Talk Minus Action Equals Zero CD America The Beautiful (Restless)

DOA – Disco Sucks 7″ Disco Sucks (Sudden Death)
DOA – The Prisoner 7″ The Prisoner (Sudden Death)
DOA – World War 3 7″ World War 3 (Sudden Death)
DOA – The Lost Tapes CD Kill Kill This Is Pop (Sudden Death)
DOA – Triumph Of The Ignoroids 12″ Nazi Training Camp (Friends)
DOA – Something Better Change CD New Wave Sucks (Sudden Death)

DOA – Hardcore 81 CD Smash The State (Sudden Death)
DOA – Positively DOA 7″ Fucked Up Ronnie (Sudden Death)
DOA – War On 45 CD Lets Fuck (Sudden Death)
DOA – War On 45 CD America The Beautiful (Sudden Death)
DOA – Right To Be Wild 7″ Fuck You (Sudden Death)

DOA – Lets Wreck The Party LP Race Riot (Alternative Tentacles)
DOA – Don’t Turn Your Back 12″ A Season In Hell (Sudden Death)
DOA – Expo Hurts Everyone 7″ (Sudden Death)
DOA – True Strong And Free LP Bullet Catcher (Profile)

DOA – Murder LP Afrikanna Security (Restless)
DOA – 13 Flavours Of Doom CD Already Dead (Alternative Tentacles)
DOA – Loggerheads LP Log Jam (Alternative Tentacles)
DOA – The Black Spot CD Kill Ya Later (Essential Noise)

DOA – We Come In Peace CD Do You Wanna (Sudden Death)