Generation Annihilation Playlist January 14th 2012.

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Svart Framtid – 1984 7” Religos Terror (Voltage)
No Problem – And Now This LP Enemies (Deranged)
Discharge – Why? 12” Ain’t No Feeble Bastard (Havoc)
Mania – S/T CS Air Raid (Self Released)

Deathcharge – Love Was Born To An Early Death LP (A Whisper In Darkness)
Generacion Suicida – S/T CS Parasitas (Demo)
Bastard – Controlled In The Frame 7” Tragic Insane (540)
The Sexual – Split W/Anti-Septic LP Crime Of Sexual (Bootleg)
Inferno – S/T CS Strida For Vada? (Self Released)
Mundo Muerto – Entre El Kaos 12” Krucifikados (Charged//Distorted)

Infect Propaganda – And Now You Die CS Strike With Sudden Fear (Crasty Ass)
Kvoteringen – Storfinansen 7” Forintelsemaskineriet (D-Tact And Raw Punk)
Merdoso – S/T 7” In Silence (Prank)
Cervix – Va/ Kotaro 7” Sacrificial Life/Vapid Rats (No Anarquia Rebelede Musica Discos)
Nomad – Va/ Kotaro 7” (No Anarquia Rebelede Musica Discos)
Kromosom, split w/ Isterismo 7” Fallout (Hardcore Survives)
Doom – S/T 7” Financial Coup (Black Cloud)

Perdition – S/T 7” Violent Peace (Toxic State)
Napalm Raid – Trail Of The World 7” To Serve And Arrest (Rust And Machine)
Rapid Loss – A Dark Place 7” Kill Yourself (Self Released)
Geister – Nostalgia 7” Nostalgia (Self Released)

Nerveskade – Split W/Perdition 7” System Hell (Distort Reality)
D-clone – Split W/Nerveskade 7” Mental Disorder (Hardcore Survives)

Inservibles – S/T LP Lodazales De Miseria (La Vida Es Un Mus)