Generation Annihilation Playlist January 21st 2012.

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Queers – Love Songs For The Retarded LP Fuck The World (Recess)

Disclose – Tragedy LP Conquest (Your Own Jailer)
Disable – Split w/War Victims 7″ In The Name Of Humanity (Charged//Distorted)
Man Afraid – Uphill Struggle 7″ Cemetary Ridge (Half Mast)
Bastards – Maailma Palaa Ja Kuolee 7″ Maailma Palaa (Honie)
Funeral – Cry Of Desperation 7″ Common Enemies (Self Release)
Midnight – Satanic Royalty LP Holocaust Deafening (Hells Headbanger)

Dischange – Seeing Feeling Bleeding LP After War Scars (Nuclear Blast)
Totalitar – Sin Egen Motstandare LP Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Stockholm (PRANK)
Makaber Fynd split w/Glom Da! LP Kaften (Sorry State)
Desperat – Suicide Attack 7″ Children Should Play (World Funeral)
Inferno – S/T CD Strida For Vada? (Distort The World)
Kvoteringen- Storfinansen 7″ Storfinansen (D-takt And Raw Punk)

Bi Marks – The Golden Years LP I Quit (Mata La Musica Discos)
Autistic Youth – Idle Minds LP Deadbeat (Black Water)
Bellicose Minds – S/T 7″ Tension Building (A Whisper In Darkness)
Forced Laugh- S/T 7″ Michael Caine Codx (Self Released)
Mass Hysteri – S/T LP Satans Barn (Feral Ward)

Eskorbuto – S/T 7″ Maldito Pais Criaturas Al Poder (Munster)
Bannlyst – S/T LP Terrorstyre (Norwegian Leather)
Haggatha – /T 7″ 55 Year Old Fucking Liar (Chocking Hazard)
Brainoil – Death Of This Dry Season LP The beauty Of Death (20 Buck Spin)