Generation Annihilation Playlist January 25th 2014.

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The Accused – More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral LP Bethany Home (Combat Core)
Toe Tag – Split w/Potbelly 7″ Sawtopsy

Dead Ramones – Eagle Of The Road 7″ Fucking Fashion (Impure Muzik)
Catholic Spirit – Same LP Inexitable Deadth (Symphony Of Destruction)
Glaxo Babies – Put Me On The Guest List LP This Your Life (Superior Viaduct)
Stratford Mercenaries – Sense Of Solitude LP Where Is Love (Southen)

Chaos UK – 100% Two Fingers In The Air Punk Rock 12″ Wall Street Crash (Slap Of Ham)
Hellkrusher – S/T LP Atrocity (Anti-Society)
The Restarts – Actively Seeking Work CD Contempt (Active)
The Varukers – Murder LP Hatred (Asylum)
Spite – A Threat To Society 7″ Unrepentant (Blind Destruction)

Hounds Of Hate – S/T LP Pound Of Flesh (Assault)
Creep – S/T CS Personal Voyage
The Brass – Don’t Look At Me
Violent Reaction – City Streets 12″ Own Worst Enemy (Sorry State)

Mercy Killings – FBTABT (Beach Impediment)
Terokal – Life After War 7″ Destruye Todo (Distort)
Absolute – Punk Survival 12″ Lowest Denominator (Electric Assault)

DOA -Welcome To Chinatown CD DOA (Sudden Death)
DOA – Welcome To Chinatown CD Class War (Sudden Death)
DOA – Waiting For You (Restless)
DOA – Talk Minus Action Equals Zero CD Fuck You (Sudden Death)

DOA – Triumph Of Ignoroids 12″ Nazi Training Camp (Friends)
DOA – White Noise Tour 7″ I Want Some Bondage
DOA – Welcome To Chinatown CD Race Riot (Sudden Death)
DOA – Welcome To Chinatown CD To Hell And Back (Sudden Death)