Generation Annihilation Playlist July 14th 2012.

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Antisect – In Darkness There Is No Choice LP They? The Eternal Myth And Paradox

Wolfpack – All Day Hell LP All Day Hell
Wolf Brigade – In Darkness You Feel No Regrets, In Darkness You Feel No Regrets
Warcry – Deprogram 12 ” BSBSFBS
Terokal – Split w/ Armagedom 7″ Fronteras Banderas De Mierda
Disable – split w/Warvictims 7″ Enola
Crimson Scarlet – S/T 7″ Sanctuary

Napalm Raid – Mindless Nation 12″ Run Like Hell
Disaster – War Cry LP Progress
Lebenden Toten – Nuclear Flowers 7″ Nuclear Flowers
Svart Framtid – 1984 7″ Nar Bomba Kommer
Bannlyst – S/T 7″ Det Begynner A Bli Sent

Rotozazza – They Live We Sleep 7″ They Live We Sleep
Frenzy – Noizey Trouble 7″ Power Games
Skitlickers – Cracked Cop Skulls 7″ War System
Inservibles – S/T 7″ Cual Es Tu Pedo Nero
Kvoteringen – Storfinansen 7″ Forintelsemaskinerit
Mauser – Isolation 12″ Void
World Burns To Death – Sucking Of The Missile Cock 12″ Whom The God

State Of Fear – Wallow In Squalor 7″ Blood Thirsty System