Generation Annihilation Playlist July 22nd 2017.

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Anti-Sect – In Darkness There Is No Choice LP Channel Zero Reality (Southern)

Conflict – It’s Time To See Who’s Who LP Bullshit Broadcast (Mortarhate)
Flux Of Pink Indians – Strive To Survive LP They Lie We Die (Spider Leg)
Icons Of Filth – Onward Christian Soldiers LP Sod The Children (Mortarhate)
Sub Hum Ans – The Day The Country Died LP I Don’t Wanna Die (Spiderleg)
The Instigators – Nobody Listens Anymore LP In One Ear/Dine Upon The Dead (Bluurg)

Alement – The Hunter” – The Hunter (Ryyvolte)
Tau Cross – Pillar Of Fire CD Raising Golem (Relapse)
Bat – Wings Of Change 12″ Bloodhounds (Hells Headbangers)
The Impalers – Cellar Dweller LP Secret Beach (Static Shock)
Toe Tag “S/T” – Looks Like Shit

Alien Boys – Self Critical Theory CS Gentrification
Subversive Rite – The Demos LP Feed The Beast (Bloody Masters)
Exit Order – Seeds Of Hysteria 12″ Clear The Dust (La Vida Un Es Mus)
Parasytes – Split W/Secta 7″ Reckless (Discos MMM)

Anti-Social – Official Hooligan 7″ Official Hooligan (Evil)
The Lancasters – 2000-2005 LP Burn The Bastards (Longshot)
Cocksparrer – Forever LP Believe (Pirates Press)

Durs Coeurs – Dur Dur Dur 12″ Chateau De Cartes (Discos MMM)