Generation Annihilation Playlist July 25th 2015.

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Chelsea – Saturday Night Sunday Morning CD Saturday Night Sunday Morning (West World)
UK Subs – Yellow Leader CD Sick Velveteen (Captain Oi!)

BFG – There’s No Solution So There’s No Problem 7″ Alcoholiday Turned Alcoholocaust (Back Alley)
BFG – There’s No Solution So There’s No Problem 7″ Total Breakdown (Back Alley)
Youth Youth Youth – Repackaged LP Made In England (Fringe)
Hype – Life Is Hard LP Its All Hype (We Bite)
Young Lions – Freedom CS Young America
APB – Unreleased Demos CD Terrorist

Bonecrusher – No Escape 7″ No Escape (Hostage)
Wretched Ones – Go To Work CD Mind Your Own Business (Headache)
Glory Stompers – Ninesixnieseven CD Night Train (Knockout)
Oxymoron – Beware Poisonous 7″ Dead End Generation (Oxyfactory)
Short And Curlies – Bitter And Twisted CD So Ugly (Knockout)

Obstruct – Loss Of Blood 12″ Loss Of Blood (Carry The Weight)
Blind Authority – Succumb To Violence 7″ Night Crawler (Carry The Weight)
Culture – S/T 7″ Modern Warfare, Beyond Belief (Carry The Weight)
Digress – The Seventh Day 7″ Averment (Carry The Weight)

Tau Cross – S/T CD Fire In The Sky (Relapse)
Amebix – Sonic Mass CD The Messenger
Killing Joke – Extremities CD North Of The Border (BMG)