Generation Annihilation Playlist July 4th 2015.

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Reagan Youth – Youth Anthems 12″ USA

Bad Brains – Pay To Cum 7″ Pay To Cum
Beastie Boys – Polly Wog Stew 12″ Holy Snappers
Urban Waste – S/T 7″ No Hope
Cause For Alarm – S/T 7″ Time Will Tell
Antidote – Though Shall Not Kill 7″ Life As One

Government Issue – Complete History CD Hey Ronnie
Minor Threat – S/T 12″ In My Eyes
SOA – Flex Your Head LP I Hate The Kids
Artificial Peace – Complete Sessions LP Suburban Wasteland
Youth Brigade – Flex Your Head LP Last Word
Articles Of Faith – What We Want Is Free 7″ Bad Attitude

The Effigies – Remains Nonviewable CD Strong Box
Strike Under – Immediate Action 7″ Elephant’s Graveyard
Toxic Reasons – Process Of Elimination 7″ Riot Squad
Zero Boys – Vicious Circle LP Civilizations Dying

Hüsker Dü – Everything Falls Apart LP Blah Blah Blah
Final Conflict – S/T 7″ In The Family
Die Kreuzen – Cows And Beer 7″ Think For Me
The Fix – Jans Room 7″ Off To War
Negative Approach – Process Of Elimination 7″ Lost Cause

The Dicks – 1980-1986 CD Fake Bands
Really Red – Teaching You The Fear LP Too Political
The Offenders – Wanted By Authority CD I Hate Myself
Big Boys – The Fat Elvis CD No
NOTA – S/T CD Propaganda Control

Jerrys Kids – Is This My World? LP I Don’t Belong
Gang Green – Sold Out 7″ Sold Out
The Freeze – Token Bones CD Violent Arrest
The Proletariat – This Is Boston Not LA LP Options
The FU’s – This Is Boston Not LA LP Pre-School Dropout