Generation Annihilation Playlist July 7th 2012.

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Whipped – We Are All Guilty LP Bank Party/King Good Sincerity (Outcast)
Chicken – We Are All Guilty LP Permanent Consequence (Outcast)

Oi Polloi – Outraged By The Atomic Menace LP Boot Down The Door (Words Of Warning)

Oi Polloi – SS Politician CD DIY (Chaos Rurale)
Oi Polloi – Skins And Punks 2 LP Thugs In Uniform (Oi!)
The Oppressed – Antifacist Oi! 7” Nazi Skinhead (Bronco Bullfrog)

Oi Polloi – Split w/Appalacian Terror Unit 7” Disperse (Profane Existence)
Oi Polloi – Fuaim Catham LP Fuck Everybody Who Voted Tory (Skuld)
Barbed Wire – The Age Didn’t Care CD The Age Didn’t Care (Captain Oi!)

Oi Polloi – Unite And Win LP Punks And Skins (Step 1)
Oi Polloi – Outrage 7” Outrage (Words Of Warning)
The Exploited – Punks Not Dead CD Cop Cars (Anagram)

Beergut 100 – Fistful Of Copper CD Fuck Your Job
The Actives – Reactivated LP Berlin (Intimidation)
The Threats – Demos And Rarities CD 1980’s (Dr. Strange)
The Srtike – The Oi! Collection CD Gang Warfare (Captain Oi!)
Oi Polloi – Alive And Kicking CD Don’t Burn The Witch (Step 1)

Speedwolf – Ride With Death CD Up All Night (Hell’s Headbanger)