Generation Annihilation Playlist June 14th 2014.

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Amebix – Arise LP Arise (Alternative Tentacles)

Crucifix – S/T 12″ Capitulation (Universal)
Terveet Kadet – Black God LP Message (Rock O Rama)
Moskwa – S/T 7″ Niedy
Wretched – Libero Di Vivere LP Track One
English Dogs – Ends Of The Earth 12″ Survival Of The Fittest (Rot)
Discharge – Warning 12″ In Defense Of Our Future (Clay)

Proxy – Fine Wine 7″ Fine Wine (MMM)
Rebel Young Republican – S/T Mary Magdaline
Pmma – All She Wanted 7″ All She Wanted (Imminent Destruction)
The Dishrags – Three LP Bullshit (Supreme Echo)
Pura Mania – Ratas De Dos Patas CS Tus Ojos

No Problem – Already Dead 12″ Already Dead (Deranged)
Bishops Green – Pressure 12″ Pressure (Lonshot)
Chapel – Satan’s Rock N Roll LP Hellrazors (Invictus)
Bellicose Minds – Buzz Or Howl Sessions 10″ Bloody Hands (A389)

Secret Prostitutes – Viva La Evolution 12″ Manifesto Komunis (Torture Garden)