Generation Annihilation Playlist June 16th 2012.

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COC – Animosity LP Mad World (Death)
Dr. Know – This Island Earth LP Plug In Jesus (Death)

Songs About Snakes, Charcoal Heather, Outdoor Kitty (Self Released)
Unfun – Outside View LP Acid (Fast Cat)
Jawbreaker – Bivouac CD Face Down (Tupelo)
Husker Du – Zen Arcade LP Chartered Trips (SST)
Husker Du – New Day Rising LP The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill (SST)

US Bombs – We Are The Problem CD We Are The Problem (Sailors Grave)
Off! – S/T LP I’ve Got News For You (Vice!)
Modern Action – Molotov Solution LP Self Destruction (Modern Action)
Sharp Objects – S/T LP Night Patrol (Modern Action)

Urban Waste Recycled, Eat Cake (Rebel Sound)
Necros – Ambionic Sound 7″ Police Brutality (Alona’s Dream)
Violent Future – Studio 3 Session CD Goon Squad (CIUT)
Opposition Rising – Aftermathematics CD, Pink Slip Murder Suicide (Opposition)

Napalm Raid – Trail Of The World 7″ Free Your Self (Rust And Machine)
Disrape – Dis Nightmare Continues CD Vultures Feast (Demo)
S.H.I.T. – S/T CD Feeding Time (Demo)
Kremlin – Will You Feed Me 7″ Forced March (Hardware)
Zuo – The Finally Agony 7″ Sons Of Satan (Crust War)
Proxy – S/T CD Police Car (Demo)

Oi Polloi – Unite And Win LP Scum (Step 1)