Generation Annihilation Playlist June 17th 2017.

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Middle Class – Out Of Vogue 7″ Out Of Vogue (Joke)

The Dils – 198 Seconds Of 7″ Class War (Dangerhouse)
Avengers – We Are The One 7″ I Believe In Me (Dangerhouse)
The Weirdos – We Got The Neutron Bomb 7″ We Got The Neutron Bomb (Dangerhouse)
Bags – Survive 7″ We Will Bury You (Dangerhouse)
Rhino 39 – S/T 7″ Xerox/No Compromise (Dangerhouse)

Germs – GI LP Land Of Treason (Slash)
Fear – The Record LP We Destroy The Family (Slash)
X – Los Angeles LP Nausea (Slash)
The Blasters – S/T LP Border Radio (Slash)

Black Flag – Louie Louie 7″ Louie Louie (Posh Boy)
Agent Orange – Living In Darkness LP Everything Turns Grey (Posh Boy)
Social Distortion – The Future Looks Brighter LP Moral Threat (Posh Boy)
Crowd – Beach Blvd LP Modern Machine (Posh Boy)
UXA – God Bless America Volume 1 LP Immunity (Posh Boy)

Circle Jerks – Group Sex LP Red Tape (Frontier)
The Adolescents – S/T LP I Hate Children (Frontier)
TSOL – Dance With Me LP Thoughts Of Laughter (Frontier)
Christian Death – Only Theater Of Pain LP Romeo’s Distress (Frontier)
China White – Danger Zone 12″ Danger Zone (Frontier)