Generation Annihilation Playlist June 23rd 2012.

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Skizophrenia – This Fucking Skizophrenia 7″ Real offender (Hardcore Survives)

Forward – Devils Cradle 7″ Whats The Meaning Of Love? (540)
Kruw – I Love Punky Night LP Punky Punky Punky
Reality crisis – Who Is Your Messiah? LP No Defeat (Crust War)
Zyanose – Noise Philia LP Parasite (Todo Destrudio)

Napalm Raid – Mindless Nation 12″ Nothing Solved (Rust And Machine)
Brain Killer – S/T 7″ War (VInyl Rites/Framework)
Disaster – War Cry LP Glorious? (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Nerveskade – S/T LP Outside Of Society (Black Water)
Frenzy – Noizy Trouble 7″ Calls From The Grave/Plagued by Addiction (Distort Reality)
Mauser – Isolation 12″ Catacombs (Vinyl Rites)

Vaaska – Condenado 7″ Hartos (Heart First)
Bastard Sons Of Apocalypse – Merciless Slaughter 7″ The Horror (540)
Hoax – S/T 7″ Free The Land (Pain Killer)
Kieltolaki – S/T LP Pedofiilielukka (Moo Cow)
Antisect – Tour 10″ 4 Minutes Past Midnight (Self Released)

Tempest – Solace 7″ Solace (Forged )
Vivid Sekt – Dance Among The Debris 12″ Decease To Exist (Mass Media)
Born Against – S/T 7″ Half Mast (Vermiform)

Icons Of Filth – Brain Death 7″ Enough Is Enough (Mortarhate)