Generation Annihilation Playlist June 24th 2017.

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Uproar – And Lord Said: Let There Be LP Have A Good Laugh (Beat The System)

Extreme Noise Terror – Earslaughter LP System Shit (Manic Ears)
Mass Grave – The Absurdity Of Humanity LP Onward (Haunted Hotel)
Cloaca – Dysphemism CS Trainmorphs
Last Kaste – 2016 Demo CS Police State
Spectres – Utopia LP Revisions (Deranged)

Sore Points – Demo CS Forget It
Fantasy Lane – Demo 2016 CS Kick In The Ribs
The Rock Band Called Time – Machine CD Came This Way
No Klasse – Demo CS Pogo Punx Beer Brigade

Anti-Social – Made In England 7″ Backstreet Boys (Beat The System)
No Heart – S/T 7″ Scum (Longshot)
PMS 84 – Easy Way Out 12″ Ultimate End (Discos Enfermos)
Hard Pressed – The Way It Is

Phozgene – Demo One Love
Suss Law – S/T 7″ Business As Usual (Distort Reality)
Broken Bones – Decapitated 7″ Decapitated (Fallout)
Legion Of Parasites – We Don’t Want Your Fucking War LP Sea Of Desecration (Mortarhate)
Cyclosarin – Cause We Can CS Sound The Same
Gaasp – Scar Chain CS No Progress