Generation Annihilation Playlist June 2nd 2012.

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The Bureaucrats – Smash The State LP Grown Up Age (No Exit)
The Kids – S/T LP I Wanna Get A Job In The City (Havoc)

Urban Waste – Recycled LP Boogeyman (Rebel Sound)
RF7 – S/T 7″ Kill Us (Puke And Vomit)
Poison Idea, Darby Crash, Pure Hate (TKO)

Modern Action – S/T LP Pressure (Modern Action)
Sharp Objects – S/T 12″ Plastic Land (Modern Action)
Off! – S/T CD King Kong Brigade (Vice)
Night Birds – Terminal Decay LP Paranoid Times (Artcore)
Estranged – Terminal Decay LP The Ride (Artcore)

Opposition Rising – Aftermathetics CD Total Annihilation (Opposition)
P.R.O.B.LE.M.S, Make It Through The Night LP Assualt, CD,
No Class – Keine Klass 12″ Belfast (Deranged)
Burning Sons – Reduced To Reality LP Dinky Dao (Mystic)

Anti Sect – Leeds 2 4 86 LP Behind The Lines (Anti-Society)
Deviated Instinct – Liberty Crawls To The Sanctuary 12″ Thorn In Your Flesh (Profane Existence)
Axegrinder – Grind The Enemy LP Master Race (Pelvic Alee)