Generation Annihilation Playlist June 3rd 2017.

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Los Microwaves – God Bless America Vol 1 LP Time To Get Up (Posh Boy)

The Authorities – Puppy Love LP Godhead (Buckwheat Headlock)
Village People – Renaissance LP Food Fight (RCA)
The Dickies – Stukas Over Disneyland LP Hunchback (Restless)
F – Flipside Vinyl Fanzine LP Attack (Flipside)

Disaxian – The Greatest Outrageous Famine LP Stand Up And Fight
Cinderblock – S/T Disarm
Tosser – Demo CS Crumb
Critarus – Rudio Antisocial 7″ Rudio Antisocial
Obstruction – Demo CS Pressure Breaks
Lubricant – S/T No Power

Lions Share – Demo CS War Boots
Dark Thoughts – S/T LP No More Soul (Stupid Attack)
Sore Points – S/T CS Be Alone
Career Suicide – Machine Response 12″ Borrowed Time (Deranged)

Anti-Nowhere League – Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 CD We Are The League
Anti-Pasti – Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 CD Two Years Too Late
Chron-Gen – Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 CD Change Me
The Exploited – Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 CD Daily News
Discharge – Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 CD Decontrol
GBH – Flipside Vinyl Fanzine LP Give Me Fire (Flipside)