Generation Annihilation Playlist March 15th 2014.

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The Boys – Alternative Chartbusters CD Brickfield Nights (Captain Oi!)
Cyanide – S/T LP The Job (PYE)

The Ejected – The Best Of CD Have You Got 10P (Captain Oi!)
Born To Destruct – Lets Go
Rotunda – Find A Way
Prisoner Of War – Shes A Misfit
Pissed On Pissed Off – Riot CD Fuckin Riot

No Problem – S/T CD Sound Of Going To Far (Handsome Dan)
Neighborhood Watch – Dead AT The Hand Of Time 7″ Vicious Cycle (Real World)
The Excessives – Split w/Class Of 1984 7″ Antisocialist (Bullitt)
Personality Crisis – Rat Music For Pat People LP Case History (CD Presents)

S.H.I.T. – Collective Unconsciousness 7″ Collective Unconsciousness (Iron Lung)
AK47 – Garden City CD Hero
Boston Strangler – Jokes On You CD Jokes On You
Ritual Control – No Affinity 7″ Hollow On The Inside (Residue)

Hellstorm – Split w/Panikos 12″ All Perish In Flames (Symphony Of Destruction)
Extinction Of Mankind – Northern Scum CD Blood Pours Like Rain (Profane Existence)
Elegy – Split W/Deathless Bastards 12″ Back To The Grave (Symphony Of Destruction)
Necroholocaust – Ritual Goat Command CD Demon Possessed (Morbid Metal)

Pura Mania – Ray De Atats CS Ratas De Dos Patas