Generation Annihilation Playlist March 16th 2013.

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03 16 2013

Christdriver – Everything Burns LP Mediate

Bolt Thrower – …For Victory CD When Glory Beck
Doom – Fuck Peaceville LP Sold Out
Rapid Loss
Mauser – End Of The Line 7″ End Of The Line
Systematik – S/T 7″ Self Destruct

Mundo Muerto – Entre El Kaos LP Hysteria
Folkeiis – Hell Chaos Night 7″ Hell Chaos Night
D-clone – Creation And Destroy LP M.K.F.P.
The Stalin – Stop Jap LP Stop Jap

Disclose – Tragedy LP Fear Of The War
Lip cream – Kill The IBM LP Top Fight
Framtid – From The Ashes LP Consuming Shit And Mind Pollution
Absolut – S/T CS No Single Tear
Needles – Desesperacion 7″ Ugly World,

Fracaso – Disco De 6 Temas Hardcore 7″ Heroes,
EDR – Epoca De Recluta 7″ Bajo Suelo
Sudor – Split w/ Crimen De Estado, No Te Escucho, No Te Miro
Generacion Suicida – S/T 7″ Mil Amores

Diat – S/T LP Pick A Line