Generation Annihilation Playlist March 22nd 2014.

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Iggy And The Stooges – I’m Sick On You 7″ I Got A Right
Radio Birdman – The Essential LP Do The Pop

Zero Boys – Vicious Circle LP New Generation
Jerrys Kids – We Don’t Need It
Articles Of Faith – What We Want Is Free 7″ Bad Attitude
Reagan Youth – A Collection Of Pop Classics CD USA

Drunk Tank – Deviant Bitch
Drunk Tank – Trainwreck

System Shit – Your Life Is Fucked
Vitriolic Response – Cease Fire
System Shit – You Have Right

Chronic Disease – Out Of The Attic LP Dare To Face
Concrete Sox – Silence 7″ Silence
Captain Cider – Evil In League

Scattered Few – Early Demos PTTCP
Screaming Holocaust – Cancer Up Your Bum 7″ Fanta Babies
Necroholococaust – Ritual Goat Command CD Revelations Of Doom

Spite – A Threat To Society 7″ Junkies
Zyklone A – Angry Faces

BGK – White Male Dumbinace 7″ Gone Mad