Generation Annihilation Playlist March 24th 2012.

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Total Chaos – Battered And Smashed CD Hooligans (Stomp!)

Arson – White Folks 7″ Coho Coho (Ugly Pop)
Crash Kills 5 – What Do You Do At Night? 7″ What Do You Do At Night? (Ugly Pop)
Dream Dates – S/T 7″ Surfer Joe (Ugly Pop)
Viletones – A Taste Of Honey CD Just For You (Other Peoples Music)
Maximum RNR – The Black And White Years CD Say What (Self Released)

Oi Polloi – Split w/Appalachian Terror Unit 7″ Feolidair Craicter (Profane Existence)
Barbed Wire – The Age That Didn’t Care CD The Age That Didn’t Care (Captain Oi!)
Beergut 100 – Fist Full Of Copper CD Doomsday (Bomb Factory)
External Menace – Pure Punk Rock CD On A Mission (Captain Oi!)

Suicidal Cop – S/T CD Serpents (Demo)
Mad World – S/T 7″ The World Owes You Nothing (Kangaroo)
JFA – Valley Of The Yikes 12″ Great Equalizer (Placebo)
Poison Idea – Darby Crash 12″ Think Fast (TKO)
UX Vileheads – HC XI 12″ UX Vileheads (Adult Crash)

Damages – Indignation LP Loved (React!)
Mouse Ear – S/T 7″ Mantra (Clue # 5)
40 Heels – Terminal Decay LP Moral Logic (Artcore)
Sabertooth – Making Light Out Of A Shitty Situation LP Alien (NCJT)
Off With Their Heads – Terminal Decay LP Rikki Rae (Artcore)

Witches Hammer – Canadian Speed Metal LP Gorgon (Nuclear War Now!)