Generation Annihilation Playlist March 26th 2016.

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Johnny Ramone – The Final Session 12″ Good Rockin Tonight (Cleopatra)

The Freeze – Someone’s Bleeding 7″ No More Idols (Dr. Strange)
Black Halos – Fossil Fuel 7″ Geisterbahn II
Tarleks – Labour Of Love
Fashionism – Quit Looking At The Time 7″ – Quit Looking At The Time (Sorry State)

The Jerks – Jerk Off LP Back In Berlin (Overground)
The Depressions – S/T LP Do Something (Beat Generation)
Satans Rats – In My Love For You 7″ Facade (Overground)
The Testors – Two Sides Of Death 7″ It’s Only Death (Overground)
Johnny Moped – Real Cool Baby 7″ – Real Cool Baby (Damaged Goods)

Subculture – The Early Years LP Voice Of The Young (Common People)
The Crack -Oi! The Rarities CD Vol 5 Going Out (Captain Oi!)
The Samples – The Oi! Collection LP Nobody Cares (Captain Oi!)
Demob – Oi! The Rarities CD Vol 5 – Anti Police (Captain Oi!)

Rattus – RY 7″ The Tragedy Of War (QP4)
Warwound – A Huge Blackcloud LP Three Minute Warning (Profane Existence)
Warcry – Savage Machinery 12″They Chain Us
Action – S/T LP Submission (Punk Core)

YYY – Sin 12″ Fire In The Rain (Fringe)