Generation Annihilation Playlist March 2nd 2013.

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Playlist and Podcast 03 09 2013

DOA – Disco Sucks 7″ Nazi Training Camp (Sudden Death)
DOA – Northern Avenger CD Devils Speedway (Sudden Death)

UK Subs – AKOB CD I Couldn’t Be You (Captain Oi!)
UK Subs – XXIV CD Coalition Government Blues (Captain Oi!)

Cocksparrer – Shock Troops CD Take Em All (Captain Oi!)
Cocksparrer – Here We Stand CD Did You Have A Nice Life Without Me (Captain Oi!)

Discharge – Realities Of War CD Realities Of War (Captain Oi!)
Discharge – S/T CD Accessories By Molotov (Sanctuary)

Broken Bones – Crucifix 7 ” Crucifix (Fallout)
Broken Bones – Fuck You And All You Stand For LP Death By Demand (Rodent Popsicle)

Poison Idea – Pick Your King CD This Thing Called Progress (Tang)
Poison Idea – Latest Will And Testament LP Jihad Love (Farewell)

The Subhumans – Death Was Too Kind LP Death To The Sickoids (Alternative Tentacles)
The Subhumans, Same Thoughts, Big Picture (Alternative Tentacles)

Urban Waste, S/T, Police Brutality (Police Brutality)
Urban Waste – Recycled LP Boogieman (Rebel Sound)

Doom – Doomed From The Start LP Relief (Vinyl Japan)
Doom – S/T 12″ Financial Coup (Black Cloud)