Generation Annihilation Playlist March 31st 2012.

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Crimen – …Nada Importa 7″ El Maldito Miocardio (Discos Enfermos)
Inservibles – S/T LP Ciego (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Anti Master – S/T LP Ciudad Cadaver (Self Released)
Midnite Brain – S/T CS Vultures/Vultures (Demo)

Ratface – Ratfaced 7″ Gates (Mind Skull)
Tragedy – Can We Call This Life? 7″ The Waiting (Feral Ward)
Dopecharge – Kill Cops Dead EP 7″ Plutonium Bomb (Roehrs)
Crimson Scarlet – S/T 7″ Sanctuary (Cool Summer)

Bellicose Minds – PDX 7″ Tension Building (Black Water)
Autistic Youth – Landmine Beach LP Victim (Black Water)
Moral Hex – PDX 7″ Mortality (Black Water)
Terokal – Split W/Armagedom 7″ Fronteras Banderas De Mierda (Odio Los Discos)
Arctic Flowers – Reveries 12″ Crusaders And Banshees (Inimical)

Misery – From Where The Sun Never Shines LP We Are Man (Inimical)
Chaka – Decay 7″ Why Do They Declare War (Symphony Of Destruction)
Heratys- Helvettin Ja Takaisin 7″ Helvettiin (La Familia)

Discharge The More I See 7″ The More I See (Clay)