Generation Annihilation Playlist March 3rd 2012.

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Smogtown – Domestic Violence Land LP Domestic Violence Land (Disaster)

The Generators – Tyranny LP Down In The City (TKO)
The Riffs – Dead End Dream CD White Line Kids (TKO)
Niblick Henbane – Go Away LP Grin And Bear It (TKO)
Deadline – More To It CD TV Dreams (New Blood)
Menace – Crisis CD London (Captain Oi!)

Tower Blocks – Praise Your Ghetto CD General Boredom (Knockout)
The Virus – Nowhere To Hide LP Vicious Rumors (Punk Core)
Argy Bargy – Songs From The Streets CD Attitude (Captain Oi!)
Perkele – No Shame CD Here To Stay (Blind Beggar)
Career Suicide – Kangaroo 12″ Stay Right Here (Deranged)

UK Subs – Universal CD Hollywood (Captain Oi!)
GBH – Ha Ha CD Crush Em (Go Kart)
Capo Regime – To Subvert And Corrupt CD Southlands (Step 1)

Wednesday Night Heroes – S/T CD FAQ (Longshot)
The Cleats – Lost Voices Broken Strings CD Who Are The Heroes Now? (Longshot)
Riot 99 – Last Train To Nowhere CD Sure Thing (Longshot)
Knucklehead – Voice Among Us CD Right Cross (Longshot)