Generation Annihilation Playlist March 7th 2015.

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Ninth Hour – Dead And On The Road CD Police State (Raw Energy)
Still Above Snakes – Year Of The Snake CD SAS

Chelsea – Evacuate 7″ Evacuate (Step 1)
Cyanide – S/T LP The Job (PYE)
UK Subs – Yellow Leader CD Chemical (Captain Oi!)
Buzzcocks -The Way LP People Are A Strange Machine (1-2-3-4 GO!)

Rebuild//Repair – Damage Stories CD Agoraphobia
New Regrets – S/T 7″ Ripper
Th’Inbred – Kissin Cousins LP Baby Lets Play Exile (Toxic Reasons)
Naked Raygun – Raygun LP Fever Island (Haunted Town)

Arms Race – Gotta Get Out 7″ Hang The Scum (Quality Control)
DiE – Vexed 7″ Pressure
The Flex – Wild Stabs In The Dark 12″ Blood Sucker (Milk Run)
Violent Reaction – Marching On LP Marching On (Revelation)
Higher Power – 2015 Demo CS Peace (Neutral Woods)

Asile – Les Enfants 12″ Poison (Rust And Machine)
Needles -S/T 12″ Blocked Out
Konform – Conform And Die CD War Is Sorrow (No Just Cause)

Myopia – Concentration Of Suffering CD Scarred From The Inside