Generation Annihilation Playlist May 11th 2013.

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Bishops Green – S/T 12″ Blinded

Marked Men – S/T 7″ Marked Men/This Is My Whip
Chin Chin – Sound Of The Westway LP Never Surrender
Avengers – S/T LP The Amerikan In Me
Generation X – S/T LP 100 Punks
Buzzcocks – Singles Going Steady LP Autonomy

No Problem – And Now This 12″ Enemies
Asta Kask – Rock Mot Svinen LP Rhingals Brinner
Articles Of Faith – Complete vol 1 LP My Fathers Dreams
No Hope For The Kids – Das Reich 7″ Secret Police
Motorhead – S/T LP Vibrator
No Sir I Won’t – More Politicians 7″ More Politicians

Absurdo – Tots Sants 7″ Pesadillas
Unruled – S/T 7″ Time Is Running Out
Born Dead Icons – Salvation On The Knees LP Forever Soaked In Blood
Final warning – S/T 7″ Rain Of Death
Write Off – S/T CD You Support Hate

Discharge – Decontrol 7″ Decontrol