Generation Annihilation Playlist May 18th 2013.

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05 18 2013

UK Subs XXIV CD Coalition Government Blues (Captain Oi!)

Discharge – State Violence 7″ Doomsday (Havoc)
Doom – Corrupt Fucking System CD Stripped Whipped And Crucified (Black Cloud)
The Restarts – A Sickness On Mind CD Drone Attack (No Label)
The Mad Are Sane – Reality CS Dying Church (Demo)

The Spectres – Nothing To Nowhere LP Passages (Deranged)
Killing Joke – Extremities CD The Beautiful Dead (Noise)
Cross Stitched Eyes – Decomposition LP Animated Corpse (Alternative Tentacles)

No Problem – Your Eyes 7″ Something Out Of Nothing (Handsome Dan)
Vacant State – State Of Confusion 7″ Give Up
Night Prowler – Psychopath CS Mindless Talk (Beside)
Kremlin – Drunk With The Gulag 12″ Buried (Hardware)
Rapid Loss – S/T 12″ The Dawn
Condition – S/T 7″ Smoldering Wreckage (Rust And Machine)

Sickoids – No Home 12″ Occupy Your Tim (Hardware)
Systematik – S/T 12″ Silent Scream (Deranged)
Pissheads – Kill Hippy System 7″ Kill Hippy System (Rust And Machine)
Toe Tag – Split w/Potbelly 7″ Mad System (Potbelly)