Generation Annihilation Playlist May 20th 2017.

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Art Bergmann – What Fresh Hell Is This? CD Contract (Epic)
Young Canadians – No Escape CD Automan (Sudden Death)

Toxic Reasons – Independence LP Mercenary (Beercity)
Personality Crisis – S/T CD The Look (Sounds Escaping)
MDC – Millions Of Dead Cops LP My Family (RRadical)
New Regrets – Confrontation LP Confrontation (FFF)

No Sir I Won’t – The Whole World 12″ Radio Shit (Drunken Sailor)
Last Kaste – 2016 Demo CS Resistance
Cinderblock – Meat Is Murder
Rudimentary Peni – S/T Teenage Time Killer (Outer Himalayan)
The System – The Warfare 7″ Their Corrupting Ways (Spider Leg)

Aggression Pact – Instant Execution 7″ Shame (Painkiller)
Rash – Midnight Crooner 7″ Hatchet (IFB)
Overdose – Crypt Sessions Shellshock
Junta – Har Intet Pænt At Aige?.?.?. CS En Maskine
Prisoners By Choice – S/T You’re Sick (INC)

Long Knife – Sewers Of Babylon 7″ Citadel (Beach Impediment)
Candy – S/T CS Alien (Demo)
Car 87 – No Hope CD Self Sabotage

Spectres – Utopia LP Strange Weather (Deranged)