Generation Annihilation Playlist May 28th 2016.

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Discharge – End Of Days LP End Of Days (Nuclear Blast)

UK Subs – Ziezo LP I’ve Got A Gun
Charge – Perfection Plus CD Dancing On Graves (Anagram)
Silence – The Defening Sound Of Absolutely Nothing LP War Drums (Profane Existence)
Spectres – Utopia LP 16 Years (Deranged)

Discharge – Realities Of War 7″ Realities Of War (Clay)
Discharge – Fight Back 7″ Fight Back (Clay)
Discharge – Decontrol 7″ It’s No TV Sketch (Clay)
Discharge – Why 7″ – Maimed And Slaughtered (Clay)

Discharge – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing LP Meanwhile (Clay)
Discharge – Never Again 7″ Death Dealers (Clay)
Discharge – State Violence State Control 7″ State Violence State Control (Clay)

Discharge – S/T CD Almost Alive (Sanctuary)
Discharge – Beginning Of The End 7″ Beginning Of The End (Thunk)
Discharge – Desensitise LP Blood Of The Innocent (Vile)
Discharge – End Of Days LP False Flag Entertainment (Nuclear Blast)

Decontrol – S/T 12″ Sights Of War (Distortion)
Fear Of Tomorrow – No Fucking Future No Way 7″ Profit From Misery (Charged//Distorted)