Generation Annihilation Playlist May 30th 2015.

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Cats Game – Home Sweet Home 7″ Alien (3 Minute Mile)
Cats Game – Atmosphere CD Atmosphere

Menace – Too Many Punk Are Dead LP Too Many Punk Are Dead (Rebel Sound)
UK Subs – Yellowleader CD Suicidal Girl (Captain Oi!)
Buzzcocks – The Way LP Third Dimension (1-2-3-4 Go!)
Inner City Unit – Punkadelic LP Blue Rinse (Flickknife)

Pill Squad – 4 Song EP CD I Turned Out A Punk
The Modernettes -Teen City 12″ Little Girls (Sudden Death)
Fashionism – Breaking Out (S/T)
The Gagged – S/T CD I Got A Right (Hosehead)

Legion Of Goons – S/T CD Boba Fett
Toe Tag – Hide The Knives 10″ Dead Blue Skies (Conundrum Media)
Vampire Lezbos – S/T CD Plasma (Flatfield)
Paint The Damage – S/T 7″ Chewing The Fat

Neu-Ronz – S/T 7″ Populated Fridge (Adult Crash)
S.H.I.T. – Hardcore Gimme Some More 7″ Bliss (Beach Impediment)
Peacebreakers – Hardcore Gimme Some More 7″ No One Cares (Beach Impediment)
Mercenary – Hardcore Gimme Some More 7″ Dreams/Reality (Beach Impediment)

Personality Crisis – Charred Remains LP Wonder What They’re Thinking (Radio Raheem)