Generation Annihilation Playlist May 6th 2017.

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The Dehumanizers – Kill Lou Guzzo 7″ Kill Lou Guzzo (Subcore)

The Dicks – These People LP Off Duty Sailor (Alternative Tentacles)
The Left – It’s The World 7″ Youngster On The Force (Bonafide)
No Means No – Sex Mad LP Revenge (Alternative Tentacles)
Really Red – New Strings For Old Puppets LP Starvation Dance
(Alternative Tentacles)

Aggression Pact – Instant Execution 7″ Ensared (Painkiller)
Fried Egg – Back And Fourth 7″ Half Assed Hand (Beach Impediment)
Long Knife – Sewers Of Babylon 7″ Painting The Night (Beach Impediment)
Pressing On – Future 7″ Future (Deranged)
Career Suicide -Machine Response 12″ Blank Expression (Deranged)
Laughing Boy – Demo 2016 CS Out On The Street

Kroovy Rookers – Older And Cooler CD Another World
Cock Sparrer – Forever LP Somebody’s Brother (Pirates Press)
Beltones – On Deaf Ears CD Fuck You Anyway (TKO)
Hudson Falcons – Desperation And Revolution CD Working Class War
Steelhead – Demo CD Nuts & Bolts

Candy – Lost In My Head CS Lost In My Head (Demo)
Languid – Resist Mental Slaughter 12″ Skeletons Hand