Generation Annihilation Playlist November 10th 2012

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Disorder – Perdition 12″ Rememberance Day (Puke And Vomit)
4 Skins – A Few Skins More LP Rememberance Day (Link)

The Samples – The Oi! Collection CD Dead Hero (Captain Oi!)
The Enemy – Gateway To Hell CD Fallen Hero (Captain Oi!)
Anti-Pasti – The Last Call LP Another Dead Soldier (Get Back)
The Fartz – World Full of Hate LP Heroes Come Home In Boxes (Alternative Tentacles)
Special Forces – World Domination LP Dead Soldier (Boner)

Discharge – Why CD Wars No Farytale (Captain Oi!)
GBH – The Clay Years CD No Survivors (Sanctuary)
DRI – Dealing With It LP Stupid Stupid War (Beer City)
Sub Hum Ans – EP LP Human Error (Bluurg)
Crucifix – Dehuamization LP Annihilation (Corpus Christi)

DOA – War On 45 CD War (Sudden Death)
The Exploited – Troops Of Tomorrow CD War (Captain Oi!)
UK Subs, Brand New Age, Warhead (Captain Oi!)
DOA – War on 45 CD War In The East (Sudden Death)

Riot 99 – Last Train To Nowhere CD What Are They Fighting For? (Longshot)
The Smarties – Whole Bunch Of Wierdos LP Battlefields (BYO)

Instant Agony – Out Of The Eighties CD Don’t End In A War (Captain Oi!)