Generation Annihilation Playlist November 16 2013.

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Bill Of Rights – No Rights No Chance! 7″ Drunk Government (No Rights)
My Dog Popper -668 Neighbor Of The Beast LP Limbo Leaders (Patois)

MDC – Millions Of Dead Cops LP American Achievements (RRadical)
Negative Approach – Total Recall CD Dead Stop (Touch And Go)
Negative FX – Last Rights CD Mind Controller (Taang)
Night Prowler – Psychopath CS Sorry State
Kremlin – Why Should I/Kremlin (Beach Impediment)

Long Knife – Ghosts In The Hall (Wilderness)
Knife Fight – S/T LP In My Headache (Feral Ward)
Poison Idea – Feel The Darkness CD Welcome To Krell (American Leather)
Bl’ast – Blood! CD Your Eyes (Southern Lord)
Major Damage – Sheer Mayhem 7″ Evil Inside (Even Worse)
Brain Handle – S/T 7″ Protest (Vinyl Rights)

No Sir I Wont – S/T CS No Party System
Crass – Penis Envy LP Poison In A Pretty Pill (Crass)
Sub Hum Ans – Worlds Apart CD Straightline Thinking (Bluurg)
The Restarts – A Sickness In Mind CD Independetzia (No Label)
Dethfox – Natural Media Teleforce CS Particle In F Ring

Chapel – Satan’s Rock ‘N’ roll CD Alcoholocaust (Invictus)