Generation Annihilation Playlist November 18th 2017.

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Soggy – Waiting For The War 7″ Waiting For The War

Dogs – Go Where You Want To Go 12″ Teenage Fever (Melodies Massacre)
The Dogs – Slash Your Face 7″ Slash Your Face (Bacchus Archives)
Slaughter And The Dogs – Do It Doggy Style LP Where Have All The Bootboys Gone (Decca)
Masterless Dogs – Demo CS War At Home
Stretch Marks – Who And What 7″ Dogs World (Headbutt)

Lubricant – S/T 7″ Sacrifice (Pissed Off)
Odlo – Ancora LP The Snake (Agipunk)
Career Suicide – Machine Response 7″ Kill The Warden (Angelwood)
Final – Obsolencia Humana LP Huye (Byllepest Disho)
Dagger – Writing In The Light Of The Moon 7″ I Hope You Sink (Lengua Armada)

Phane – 10 Charged Trax 12″ Freaks (Thought Decay)
Enzyme – Abuse Of Power 7″ Abuse Of Power (Pissed Off)
Katastrof – S/T 7″ Forvida Grim (Beach Impediment)
Appendix – S/T 7″ Huora (Propaganda)

Karrion – S/T CS Necro Nightmare
Mission Of Christ – Silence In Grave CS To Oblivion
Triton Warrior – S/T 7″ Satan’s Train (Supreme Echo)

AC/DC – Let There Be Rock LP Let There Be Rock (Atco)