Generation Annihilation Playlist November 23rd 2013.

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Misfits – S/T LP Bullet (Plan 9)
New Race – The First And The Last CD November 22 1963 (Total Energy)

Husker Du – Zen Arcade LP The Biggest Lie (SST)
Crime Wave – Nazi Sex 7″ Death Vortex (Agrowax)
Bad America – American Dream 7″ Distract (Shogun)
The Tubuloids – Surf Fukushima! Mrilou/Booze Cruise (Crapital)
Middle Class – Out Of Vogue 7″ You Belong (Frontier)
Absurdo – Demos LP Mundo Decandente

Noose – The Moral Law Fuck 12″ Art No Respect (React!)
Needles – Deseperation 7″ 7″ Not Losing Faith (Iron Lung)
Culo – My Life Sucks And I Couldn’t Care Less LP Gestapo Boots Of Mutant/Society Claws (Deranged)

Occult SS – Teeth In The Dark 7″ Rattletooth (Rust And Machine)
Nightfall – Fear LP Damage Drunkard
Axegrinder – Grind The Enemy LP Grind The Enemy (Pelvic Ale)
Konform – Gasmassaker Rehearsal CD Same Old Bullshit

Apewar – Templar 7″ Born Of Sodom/We Are Ash
Total War – Demo 7″ And For What? (Gas Mask)
Framtid – Defeat Of Civilization LP Deceived And Abused (Crust War)
Last Chaos – Kill Dick Control 7″ Face Ripper (No Punks In K-Town)
Pissheads – Kill Hippy System 7″ Life (Rust And Machine)

Slayer – Sick Boy