Generation Annihilation Playlist November 26th 2016.

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Cocksparrer – Runnin’ Riot Across The USA LP Riot Squad (TKO)
Cocksparrer – Back Home CD What’s It Like To Be Old? (Captian Oi!)

The Damned – Machine Gun Etiquette CD Noise Noise Noise (Chiswick)
The Bureaucrats – S/T 7″ Grown Up Age (Ugly Pop)
Chelsea – Evacuate LP Running Free (IRS)
The Gagged – Trainwreck CD Cyclical Psycho
The Dils -Les Dils 7″ Red Rockers (New Noise)

Rotten UK – That is Not Dead CD Revolution Moon (Hardware)
Kicker – Rendered Obsolete LP Rendered Obsolete (Tank Crimes)
The Wernt – Wrecking Temples LP The Pink Lady (Knockout)
Chaos UK – Shit Man Fucker 7″ Demise
Disorder – Human Cargo 7″ Bite It You Scum

Dead Ending – Class War 7″ IIvanka Wants Her Orange Back
Brain Slug – Live In Power LP Feeding Chain (Hells Headbanger)
Sand In The Face – Music Made To Riot LP Pleased To Hate You (Mad At The World)
Omegas – Power To Exist 12″ Drug Zoo (Beach Impediment)

Ludichrist – There’s A Method To Our Madness LP God Is Everywhere (We Bite)
PTL Club – There’s A Method To Our Madness LP Want To Die (We Bite)

Beach Mutants – Christmas Grandma, Polka Dot Pyjamas 7″ I Need Dope (Snippy Guy)