Generation Annihilation Playlist November 29th 2014.

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Amebix – Winter 7″ Winter (Spider Leg)
Arctic Flowers – Weaver LP Cold Air… (Deranged)

Paint The Damage – S/T 7″ Not Been The Same (H8)
Old Man Strength – Woke Up Swinging (Pankratium)
The Accused – Martha Splatterhead 12″ Distractions (Unrest)
Thrashhards – S/T 7″ Bong Ripper (K.D.P.)
Sacrilege – It’s Time To Face The Reaper LP Apartheid (Havoc)

Rebuild//Repair – Damage Stories CD Pieces Destroyed
Condominium – Show Them 7″ Show Them (Sub Pop)
Mystic Insane – Deep Creep 7″ Deep Creep
Naked Raygun – Raygun LP Home (Haunted Town)

Needles – Destastre 12″ Twisted Vision
Prag – Demo CS Pillage Victim
RIP Fucker – Demo CS Money Talks
Long Knife – Meditations On Self Destruction LP Burning Will

External Menace – Youth Of Today 7″ Someday (Beat The System)
Uproar – Die For Me 7″ Die For Me (Beat The System)
Chaotic Youth – Sad Society 7″ Arms Race (Beat The System)
Death Sentence – Death And Pure Destruction 7″ Victims (Beat The System)