Generation Annihilation Playlist November 30th 2013.

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The Partisans – We Are The Partisans LP 17 years of hell

Paa Kii – Rakkaus Repii 7″ Meidat Kappaleiksi Taas
Criminal Damage – Call Of Death LP anxiety
Eskorbuto – Amborrachate 12″ Demasiados Enemigos
Ruleta rusa – Me Dan Asco 7″ Me Dan Asco
Sad Boys – Cry Now Cry Later 7″ Cry Now Cry Later

Institution – Varldens Andstation 7″ Varldens Andstation
Kolla Kestaa – Kirjoituksia Kellarista LP Seka Myos
Gas Rag – Human Right 7″ Sabort Them
Koward – S/T 7″ Overbred
Green Beret – Violence Is Their Currency CS Violence Is Their Currency
Ectoplasm – S/T 7″ Drone

Proxy – Police Car 7″ Police Car
Flaccid – S/T CS The Ether
Rock N Roll Bitches – Wild West 7″ Someone Could Lose An Eye ()
Life Chain – S/T CS Uniformed Cowards/Troubled Youth (demo tape)
Hassler – Amorality 7″ Amorality

Putos – S/T CS ?
Famine – S/T CS What Value?
Consume – Split w/Born Dead 7″ 2nd Class Citizen
Kremlin – Will You Feed Me? 7″ Destruction Mindless
Camera Silens – Realite Camera Silens

Negative Approach – Total Recall CD Nothing