Generation Annihilation Playlist November 7th 2015.

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DOA – Hard Rain Falling LP Punk Rock Hero (Sudden Death)

The Pack – S/T LP Looking For Danger (Ugly Pop)
PF Commandos – Manipulirade LP Auschwitz (Ugly Pop)
Upright Citizens -Bombs Of Peace LP Holocaust
Crude SS -Who’ll Survive LP Who’ll Survive (Radiation)

Johnny Moped – Aint No Rock N Roll Rookie 7″ Super Woofa (Damaged Goods)
Eddie And The Hot Rods -The Power The Glory 7″ The Power The Glory (Island)
Fatal Microbes – Violence Grows 7″ Violence Grows (United Artists)
The Stranglers – No More Heroes LP Dead Ringer (United Artists)

UK Subs – Another Kind Of Blues LP B1C (Nems)
Buzzcoks – What Do I Get? 7″ Oh Shit
Depressions – S/T LP Burning Ambitions (Beat Generation)
Machines -S/T 7″ Evening Radio (Max)
Valves – Robot Love 7″ For Adolphs Only (Zoom)

The Lewd – American Whino LP American Whino (Puke And Vomit)
Private School -S/T 7″ Fuck You (Full Friction)
The Braineaters – I Braineater 7″ I Braineater (Wrong World)
The Forgotten Rebels – S/T 12″ 3rd Homosexual Murder (S&M)

Circle The Wagons – Forbidden To Eat Worms CD Cowards Drop Bombs (Black Banana)