Generation Annihilation Playlist November 9th 2013.

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NG3 – Shindig LP Government (Zulu Bird)

Rudimentary Peni – Death Church LP Poppycock (Corpu Christi)
Deathfox – Natural Media Teleforce CS Natural Media Teleforce
Christ On Parade – Insanity Is A Sane Reaction CD Everyone’s Crazy (FOAD)
Cross Stitched Eyes – Conarach LP Earths Defiant (Alternative Tentacles)
Complications – S/T LP White (Feral Ward)
Spectres – Nothing To Nowhere LP Missing Time (Deranged)

Ramones – Halfway To Sanity LP Bop Til You Drop (Sire)
Ramones – Adios Amigos LP The Krusher (Let Them Eat Vinyl)
The Jolts – 8% LP Deadly Supreme (Sudden Death)
Bad Amps – Two Face 7″ Two Face (Black Market)
Piggy – Undignified 12″ Jealous Again (Sum Dum Fun)

Semper Eadem – S/T Righteous Violence (Demo)
Drug Dogs – S/T Violence On Violence (Demo)
Criminal Damage – Call Of Death LP The Storm (Feral Ward)
Major Damage – Sheer Mayhem 7″ Cant Find Back (Even Worse)

Night Terrors – In Chains
Chapel – Satans Rock N Roll CD Hell Brakes Loose (Invictus)
Necrofilth – Crave The Grave