Generation Annihilation Playlist October 13th 2012

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Intensified Chaos – Not So Quiet CD Intensified Chaos (Sonic Reducer)
Naked Lady Wrestlers – Not So Quiet CD Dan With The Mellow Hair (Sonic Reducer)
M.A.D – Not So Quiet CD Holocaust (Sonic Reducer)
Killjoy – Not So Quiet CD Rich Plastic People (Sonic Reducer)
Fang – Not So Quiet CD Fun With Acid (Sonic Reducer)

Bad Posture – Not So Quiet CD GDMFSOB (Sonic Reducer)
Impatient Youth – Not So Quiet LP Praise The Lord (Alternative Tentacles)
Whipping Boy – Not So Quiet CD Human Farm (Sonic Reducer)
Section 8 – Not So Quiet LP No More Riots (Alternative Tentacles)
Tongue Avulsion – Not So Quiet CD Libyan Hit Squad (Alternative Tentacles)
MDC – Not So Quiet CD The Only Good Cop (Sonic Reducer)

The Crucifucks – Welcome To 1984 CD Annual Report (Sonic Reducer)
Raw Power – Welcome to 1984 LP Fuck Authority (Maximum Rock N Roll)
The Bristles – Welcome To 1984 LP Don’t Give Up (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Depression – Welcome to 1984 CD What A Strange World (Sonic Reducer)

NOTA – Welcome To 1984 CD Propaganda Control (Sonic Reducer)
Icons Of Filth – Welcome To 1984 CD Evil Speak (Sonic Reducer)
Red Tide – Welcome To 1984 LP Incubator Slide (Maximum Rock N Roll)

The Detonators – They Don’t Get Paid LP Denied (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Christ On A Crutch – They Don’t Get Paid LP Nation Of Sheep (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Nausea – They Don’t Get Paid LP Clutches (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Screeching Weasel – They Don’t Get Paid LP This Buds For Me (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Cringer – They Don’t Get Paid LP Pay To Play (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Bazooka Joe – They Don’t Get Paid LP Phoenix (Maximum Rock N Roll)

Formaldehyde Junkies – Public Safety CD Religious Monster (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Framtid – Public Safety Nuclear Power Genocide (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Strung Up – Public Safety CD Clones (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Disease – Public Safety CD Cotton Fields (Maximum Rock N Roll)
No Hope For The Kids – Public Safety CD Treblenka (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Regulations – Public Safety CD Stop (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Career Suicide – Public Safety CD Do Some Harm (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Direct Control – Public Safety CD Public Safety (Maximum Rock N Roll)

NN – Noise Ordinance LP En Arquista (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Fix My Head – Noise Ordinance LP Quit Life (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Ruleta Rusa – Noise Ordinance LP Ray Nera (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Year One – Noise Ordinance LP Colony Collapse Disorder (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Suicide Bomb – Noise Ordinance LP Anywhere But Here (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Acephalix – Noise Ordinance LP Scar Tissue (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Morpheme – Noise Ordinance LP Muchi Moumai (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Duck And Cover – Noise Ordinance LP (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Fleshies – Noise Ordinance LP (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Black Rainbow – Noise Ordinance LP (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Airfix Kits – Noise Ordinance LP (Maximum Rock N Roll)