Generation Annihilation Playlist October 17th 2015.

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Funeral Dress – Party Political Bullshit LP Party Political Bullshit (Punk Core)
Assert – Left Opposition CD Left Opposition (Household Name)

Anti-Sect – Hallo There…How’s Life? LP – The Worlds Biggest Runt (Graven Image)
Potential Threat – Demand An Alternative LP Violent Uprising (Beat Generation)
The A-Heads – Discography LP Telepathy (Mass Media)
Sub Hum Ans – The Day The Country Died CD Subvert City (Bluurg)
Conflict – Its Time To See Who’s Who LP Bullshit Broadcast (Get Back)

The Escaped – S/T CD Get Away (TKO)
Straight Jacket – Modern Thieves CD New Disaster (TKO)
Long Knife – Meditations LP Soul On Fire (Feral Ward)
Poison Idea – Confuse And Conquer LP Me And JD (Southern Lord)
Warcry – Savage Machinery LP Hexed
Final Warning – Demonstration LP Mental Home (Black Water)

The Sturgeons – Punk Rock Virgins 7″ Punk Rock Virgins (Social Blemish)
The Hot Nasties – Invasion Of The Tribbles 7″ Invasion Of The Tribbles (Social Blemish)
Silicone Injections – S/T 7″ (Sic Nos Non Nobis)
The Presence – Meeting The Demands Of Society Is No Excuse 7″ Disease (DWM)

No Fun – Now I Aint Got No Face 7″ Now I Aint Got No Face (Werewolf T-Shirt)
DOA – Murder LP Waiting For You Part 2 (Restless)