Generation Annihilation Playlist October 1st 2016.

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No Means No -Sex Mad LP Dad (Psyche)
No Means No – The Day Everything Became Nothing 12″ The Day Everything Became Nothing (Alternative Tentacles)

G.LO.S.S. – Trans Day Of Revenge 7″ Give Violence A Chance (Total Negativety)
Alien Boys – Self-Critical Theory CS Anthem
Exit Order “S/T” – Order
Potential Threat – Demand And Alternative LP Fight For Life (Beat Generation)
MDC – Hey Cop If I Had A Face Like Yours LP I Do Not Wish (RRadical)

Billy Hopeless Split W/Extroverts 7″ Gutterball
Electric Vomit – S/T 7″ No End (Garbage Can)
The Hip Priests – Split w/Billy Hopeless 7″ Wired Amped Skulled
Extroverts – Living In Poverty 7″ Living In Poverty

Pure Disgust – S/T LP Potential Criminal
Chain Rank – Up Against The Wall 12″ Social Climber
Mad Existence – S/T 7″ WDW (Vinyl Conflict)
The Chain – Steppin’ Out Of Line 7″ Not The Same (Mind Control)
Foster – S/T 7″ Watch Out

Discharge – End Of Days LP Terror Alert (Nuclear Blast)
The Skeptix – Routine Machine
Deformed Bomb The City
Kicker – Rendered Obsolete 12″ Shit At Kicker (Tank Crimes)

OFF! – S/T 12″ Jet Black Girls (Vice)